Did I stay up till 1:30am designing this because I was mad about the new Texas Driver's License Designs?
Did I make sure to read the entire 126 page American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators ID/DL Guidelines (2016 Revision) on all required elements of a license?
Of course I did.
Does designing something out of rage and making it blow up on the internet change large organization's decisions?
Usually, No.​​​​​​​
According to the afore mentioned AAMVA ID/DL Guidelines (Revised 2016), the "Functional Requirements" of a Driver's License are as follows:
Evidence of privilege to drive
Age Verification
Address Verification
Automated Administrative Processing
So based on those principles, I focused on the graphic hierarchy to achieve a design that makes it easy to glance at the ID and find the information you are looking for.
Now here is where I went a bit beyond the scope. It's 2020. With contactless technology already standard around the world, we should be using our state ID's for so much more.
Imagine a bouncer being able to tap your ID and get instant verification that you are over 21 and that this is not a fake ID. What if cities started using these state ID's as the one card for their respective metro systems, libraries, voting booths, parking meters, etc.
And, of course, we should be able to add our ID's to mobile wallets to even further slim down our pockets. Some countries and even some US States are already implementing this and we can all agree...Texas shouldn't be behind Louisiana in anything.
All faces were randomly generated by http://thispersondoesnotexist.com or taken from other sample IDs from around the US.
Names and dates were randomly generated from my brain and probably have some hidden meaning but not much. 

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