Michael Green is a flag-nerd (or "vexillologist" if you want to be fancy about it). After the success of his first TEDx talk in 2020, he founded Flags For Good, a company where he gets to design flags and donate to causes that move the world forward. He is a member of the North American Vexillological Association, and has served as a design judge on many flag redesign efforts around the country. Michael has two TEDx talks and has been featured as a flag expert in multiple news features and documentaries on the topic of flag design and personal identity. You may have even seen him come across your Tiktok "For You" page. 
Before making the entrepreneurial jump to run Flags For Good full time, Michael spent most of his career working in various marketing roles at Texas A&M; most recently as the Assistant Athletic Director for Branding, Digital & Social Media for Texas A&M Athletics, and before that as the Manager of Emerging & Interactive Media for Texas A&M University.
After receiving a degree in Visualization from Texas A&M in 2011, Michael spent a year traveling around the world where he met his wife Cassie and they have been exploring this awesome planet, and collecting flags along the way, ever since. 
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